Is it permissible to perform marital duties for the second time without taking a bath? What is the ruling in Islam?

Is it permissible to perform marital duties for the second time without taking a bath? What is the ruling in Islam?

After birth, when a person steps on the threshold of youth, he must face his partner to get natural peace.


Islam has introduced a pure system of marriage for participation. Marriage eliminates the element of disorder on both individual and social levels


۔ And from home to society a good society is built. After getting married, two strangers fall in love with each other so much.


Where the alienation of the phoenix and the adoption of the ancient relationship can be seen. Husbands and wives become each other’s clothes. Can I have a bath twice a night without taking a bath?


In any case, for example, if the intention is to avoid sexual intercourse with a wife and to avoid haraam acts, then Allah Almighty will not only reward her for sexual intercourse, but will also reward her with good children. And will also be blessed with worldly blessings. Rather, there is peace of mind and comfort for the couple. The husband should talk to his wife happily and satisfy her mentally and physically. O Allah, keep us separate from the devil and keep away from the devil whatever children you give us and then if they are given children then the devil will not be able to do any harm.


It is forbidden to perform Jum’ah in the state of Ihram or in the state of fasting. You can perform Jum’ah in the rest of the day or at any part of the night. It is forbidden to perform Jum’ah only in the state of menstruation. But it is permissible to enjoy one’s wife apart from the gym. So giving one dinar or half is to give charity and at the same time make true repentance to Allah Almighty. And he should not break the command of Allah and commit sin. It is permissible to have intercourse with the wife during menstruation. One should always take care of the mental health and comfort of the wife. Pregnancy is very hard. The Qur’an calls it sorrow upon sorrow. Especially the last days of the day are very difficult


Doing gym these days can be dangerous. It is permissible to perform Jum’ah in the vagina next to the wife in a pure state during menstruation and menstruation. And it is permissible to touch or look at the organs of the body, including the genitals, in order to prepare for the gym by kissing and kissing the wife. Then whatever the situation may be for the gym, the husband should neither deny the wife nor the wife should deny the husband when the desire of the gym awakens and demands it.


Ghusl or ablution should be performed if possible before performing Jumu’ah again in one night. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to offer ghusl to more than one wife. Shame on a man. Shame on a woman. Ghusl is obligatory on both men and women when they enter the vagina. They can sleep in the state of janabah. You cannot recite the Qur’an in the state of janabah. But dhikr, dhikr, dua and salam, work, conversation, eating and drinking are all permissible. You can even eat sehri. Thank you

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