Minar Pakistan incident, 8 people including main accused Rambo arrested

Minar Pakistan incident, 8 people including main accused Rambo arrested

Significant progress has been made in the Minar Pakistan incident. Thirteen people, including Rambo, were nominated on the statement of Ayesha, a victim of Greater Iqbal Park, out of which eight people have been arrested. According to a private news agency, the investigation team headed by DIG Investigation Lahore Sharq Jamal Khan has achieved significant success. The other nominees will be arrested soon In her statement to the police, Ayesha Akram had blamed her colleague Rambo for the whole incident.

Ayesha had submitted a written statement to the DIG Investigation. Ayesha had told the DIG Investigation in a written statement that Rambo was responsible for the whole incident. It was Rambo who planned to go to Greater Iqbal Park. Rambo has made nasty videos of me with his colleagues. Ayesha Akram said that Rambo kept blackmailing me because of the videos. Rambo has blackmailed me and taken Rs 1 million. I used to give half of my salary to Rambo. According to the victim, Rambo runs a tuk-tuk gang with his fellow king. DIG Investigation Sharq Jamal declined to comment on Ayesha Akram’s statement.

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